Here you can find the initiatives that were submitted in the NWA-ORC 2020/21 round. We have published these initiatives online to facilitate consortium formation, and to give interested parties not involved in an initiative yet the opportunity to possibly join an existing initiative.

You can browse through the initiatives as follows: either select one of the NWA routes below to see all initiatives submitted on that route and use the filter and search buttons on the left to filter or search within this NWA route, or use the search field on the right to search for certain keywords, routes, cluster questions or organisations.

If you have submitted an initiative: The information that you provided in the submission form, including your contact details, is published online, unless you have indicated to us that you did not want your contact details to be published. If you do not want your contact details to be published online anyway, please let us know via nwa-orc2020@nwo.nl. If you have any further questions regarding the submission of your initiative, you can contact us via the same email address.

If you are interested in participating in research proposals in this call, but are not part of an initiative yet, you can take note here of the initiatives registered and decide which initiative you want to make contact with and possibly even join. If the main applicant of an initiative has indicated that their contact details should not appear online, the contact details of NWO are mentioned with the initiative. If you want to contact this consortium, then you should contact NWO, and we will then forward your request to the main applicant.


Use this field to search the submitted initiatives, for instance by using keywords or by organisation names.