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QLE.20.025 – NanoReCircle – Framework for assessing the environmental and food safety risks of nanoplastics – from wastewater to our food and living environment

Route: Quality of the living environment

cluster question: 006 How can we protect and preserve the quality of the substrate for humans and the environment while leaving room for social and economic development?

Currently, substantial gaps remain in the risk assessment of submicrometric plastic particles and it is not yet possible to quantify […]

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PM.20.030 – Personalized treatment in chronic inflammatory disorders: From suppression of the immune response to patient involvement and integral management of disease modifiers

Route: Personalised medicine: the individual at the centre

cluster question: 072 How do a healthy lifestyle and wholesome habits promote good health and prevent illness?

Personalised and multidisciplinary approaches are needed to improve quality of life and reduce costs of prevalent chronic immune-mediated inflammatory disorders […]

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