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BR.20.015 – CO2-OCEAN

Route: The blue route: water as a pathway to innovation and sustainable growth

cluster question: 012 How do the seas and oceans function, and what role will they play in the future?

Ongoing anthropogenic CO2 emissions increasingly affect our planet. In the scientific community, there is broad consensus on the severe impact […]

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BD.20.008 – Humane Helpline 2.0 – Empathic Responsible AI

Route: Creating Value through responsible access to and use of big data

cluster question: 105 How can Big Data and technological innovation (e-health) contribute to health care?

Anyone with an unfulfilled need for social support can contact helplines, such as 113 Zelfmoordpreventie, De Kindertelefoon, MIND Korrelatie, De […]

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