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BR.20.007 – Sea level rise storylines for the Dutch Delta (SeaTales)

Route: The blue route: water as a pathway to innovation and sustainable growth

cluster question: 007 How can we measure and model the interaction between ice, atmosphere, and ocean so that we can reliably forecast a rise in the sea level?

The large uncertainty and significant impact of future sea level rise on low-lying deltas such as the Netherlands requires an […]

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BCC.20.008 – Resilient communities. Towards an evidence-based, community-driven approach to (de)radicalization and reconciliation

Route: Between conflict and cooperation

cluster question: 056 How can we promote peace, security, and cooperation - and address threats and violations - within and between constitutional states and within and between groups and societies?

Radicalized individuals and groups threaten communities’ ability to resolve societal and cultural conflicts peacefully. Preventing radicalization – the process whereby […]

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BCC.20.003 – Towards a more collaborative science

Route: Between conflict and cooperation

cluster question: 062 How does science operate, what is good science, and how can policy key into it?

The urgent need to address societal challenges requires scientific collaborations that are able to deal with increasing complexity and uncertainty. […]

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