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TRS.20.044 – From mime to sign

Route: Towards resilient societies

cluster question: 048 How can we encourage self-reliance and social participation?

An unexpected positive outcome of the Covid-19 pandemic for Dutch society has been the increased visibility of Sign Language of […]

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CAD.20.026 – Child behavior through the eye of the beholder: towards reducing child maltreatment by iImproving child safety screening in families referred to child protection services

Route: Child and adolescent development, upbringing and education

cluster question: 059 How can we help children and adolescents grow up safe and healthy?

Child protection services are yearly confronted with about 100.000 children and families in which child safety and thus healthy development […]

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SD.20.016 – The end-game of infectious disease control

Route: Sustainable development goals for inclusive global development

cluster question: 097 How can we control micro-organisms in health care, livestock farming, and the environment?

The most sustainable way to control an infectious disease is its world-wide eradication. Once gone, forever gone. Thus far, only […]

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