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LT.20.002 – Accelerating emission-free, long-distance transport: advancing technology and societal value creation of Hyperloop

Route: Logistics and transport in an energetic, innovative, and sustainable society

cluster question: 28 How can more fuel-efficient ships, aeroplanes, cars, lorries, trains and other means of transport contribute to the energy efficiency and environmental-friendliness of the overall transport system?

Hyperloop can create a huge step forward in developing CO2-free transport. Operating at speeds of 700 – 1000 km/h, it […]

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TRS.20.044 – From mime to sign

Route: Towards resilient societies

cluster question: 048 How can we encourage self-reliance and social participation?

An unexpected positive outcome of the Covid-19 pandemic for Dutch society has been the increased visibility of Sign Language of […]

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TRS.20.034 – Revitalizing Democracy for Resilient Society

Route: Towards resilient societies

cluster question: 033 How robust is democracy, how much confidence does society have in it, and how can we make improvements in both cases?

There is a widespread feeling of discontent with the functioning of modern representative democracies. Dutch citizens still believe in the […]

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RGM.20.011 – Modeling the dietary impact on health with engineered human liver microtissues

Route: Regenerative medicine: game changer moving to broad areas of application

cluster question: 101 Can we model the human body and use smart technologies for health, nutritional, and toxicity research, drastically reducing the use of laboratory animals at the same time?

Better model system are urgently needed to study the impact of diet, nutrients and toxins on human health. This is […]

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