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HCR.20.072 – Anti-inflammatory drug delivery using nanoparticles

Route: Health care research, sickness prevention and treatment

cluster question: 102 How can we develop new drugs and treatment methods that will keep us as healthy and vigorous as possible?

The clinical use of most anti-inflammatory drugs, which are used against immune-related disorders, such as allergies, inflammatory bowel disease, auto-immune […]

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TRS.20.045 – Borders in times of crisis

Route: Towards resilient societies

cluster question: 034 Given the changing composition of the Dutch population (ageing, contracting in some places, and influenced by migration), how robust is the welfare state?

Dutch border regions and their citizens are faced with a declining population and receding economies, causing structural problems regarding the […]

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TRS.20.006 – Platform Work – and its Regulations (PlatWork-R)

Route: Towards resilient societies

cluster question: 049 How can we ensure that our labour force and labour-market organisations remain robust and resilient as they face the challenges of the 21st century?

Platform workers provide services through online platforms such as Uber (taxis), Helpling (cleaning) and care.com (homecare). Platforms provide flexibility and […]

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TRS.20.003 – SecureSECO

Route: Towards resilient societies

cluster question: 115 How can we build and maintain future-proof software?

Software is everywhere. The worldwide software ecosystem that produces and maintains software, is a trust-rich part of the world. Through […]

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