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QLE.20.012 – Thriving Neighbourhoods

Route: Quality of the living environment

cluster question: 078 How does the built environment affect health and wellbeing?

Cities are currently faced with enormous challenging interconnected agendas; becoming climate neutral, accessible, safe, inclusive, healthy and sustainable places to […]

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NNL.20.009 – SCIN: Screen & Intervene

Route: NeuroLabNL: the ultimate living lab for brain, cognition and behavioural research

cluster question: 058 What are the patterns and causes of crime and how can we influence them?

Antisocial behavioral problems in youth, such as delinquent behavior, have a major societal impact. Although forensic treatment institutions are quite […]

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NNL.20.002 – The resilient brain – mechanisms of cognitive plasticity over a lifetime

Route: NeuroLabNL: the ultimate living lab for brain, cognition and behavioural research

cluster question: 139 How does our brain process and retain information, and what role do plasticity and networks play at different microscopic and macroscopic levels?

Modern society places many challenges on keeping the brain cognitively flexible. During childhood the direct interaction with the environment is […]

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HCR.20.062 – Light & lifestyle: moving sleep, mental health and wellbeing strategies from clinic to society

Route: Health care research, sickness prevention and treatment

cluster question: 073 What effect is the rising 24-hour economy having on human health and performance and how can our knowledge of biorhythms enhance the relationship between the individual and society?

Can we improve sleep, mental health, and wellbeing in psychiatric patients and the general population and realize preventative public environments […]

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BD.20.001 – The Virtual Human Platform for Safety Assessment

Route: Creating Value through responsible access to and use of big data

cluster question: 101 Can we model the human body and use smart technologies for health, nutritional, and toxicity research, drastically reducing the use of laboratory animals at the same time?

Assessment of the safety of chemicals and pharmaceuticals is traditionally based on animal testing. This animal-based approach is ethically debated […]

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