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TRS.20.045 – Borders in times of crisis

Route: Towards resilient societies

cluster question: 034 Given the changing composition of the Dutch population (ageing, contracting in some places, and influenced by migration), how robust is the welfare state?

Dutch border regions and their citizens are faced with a declining population and receding economies, causing structural problems regarding the […]

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MD.20.006 – Responsible Data Sharing

Route: Measuring and detecting: anything, anytime, anywhere

cluster question: 057 Can we find the right balance between freedom of information and privacy?

Sharing data confidentially and securely is essential when safeguarding the public values of security and trust. Sharing data is important […]

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ET.20.003 – Pacing up the Energy Transition

Route: Energy transition

cluster question: 018 How can we quickly make our energy supply greener while keeping it affordable and reliable?

To avoid unmanageable planetary warming, decisive action is needed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to net-zero in 30 years. Central […]

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