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ET.20.002 – HYDRogen enriched Alternative transition FUEL (HYDRAFUEL)

Route: Energy transition

cluster question: 28 How can more fuel-efficient ships, aeroplanes, cars, lorries, trains and other means of transport contribute to the energy efficiency and environmental-friendliness of the overall transport system?

The HYDRAFUEL program proposes a HYDRogen enriched Alternative FUEL for transport applications. The fuel consists of a colloidal mixture of […]

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PM.20.031 – Towards better classification and treatment of lobular breast cancer: the European Lobular Breast Cancer Consortium (ELBCC).

Route: Personalised medicine: the individual at the centre

cluster question: 085 Every tumour is different, so how can we come to understand cancer well enough to develop a treatment for each and every type?

BackgroundTo personalize treatment of breast cancer patients, different classification systems have been developed for which the morphological classification is still […]

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