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SP.20.003 – MULTI-FUNCTIONAL GRASSLANDS: System innovation for productive, sustainable and biodiverse dairy production based on multifunctional grasslands

Route: Sustainable production of safe and healthy food

cluster question: 015 How can we make agricultural production systems more sustainable as the worldwide demand for healthy, safe food continues to grow?

One third of the total area of The Netherlands and 50% of its agricultural area consist of grasslands. They form […]

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SD.20.002 – Indigenous women and transnational environmental projects: an intersectional approach

Route: Sustainable development goals for inclusive global development

cluster question: 040 How can we improve the effectiveness and legitimacy of legislation, given the global challenges we face with respect to the environment, security, innovation, energy, and climate change?

The envisaged project aims at improving the effectiveness of gender safeguards for indigenous women in transnational environmental projects. It does […]

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QLE.20.012 – Thriving Neighbourhoods

Route: Quality of the living environment

cluster question: 078 How does the built environment affect health and wellbeing?

Cities are currently faced with enormous challenging interconnected agendas; becoming climate neutral, accessible, safe, inclusive, healthy and sustainable places to […]

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