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CE.20.004 – REWEAVING the Fabric of Dutch Society: Understanding, rethinking and reformulating the impact of textiles on space, society, culture in the Netherlands and beyond

Route: Circular economy

cluster question: 044 Can globalisation and development be reinvented in a way that, in time, will mitigate differences in prosperity between world regions?

Textiles, their production, trade, use, and disposal reveal the challenges which global inclusive and sustainable development poses to Dutch society. […]

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BB.20.002 – Space Science Technologies – SST

Route: Building blocks of matter and fundaments of space and time

cluster question: 132 How can spacecraft and telescopes help us learn more about the universe and explore our own solar system?

The success of technological innovations is often based on three pillars: science, technology and disclosure. But with ever more specialization […]

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