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BR.20.014 – Urban Green Climate

Route: The blue route: water as a pathway to innovation and sustainable growth

cluster question: 008 How is the climate changing, including extreme weather, and what impact will those changes have?

Climate projections indicate higher temperatures, more extreme precipitation and an increase in drought. All cities in the Netherlands are conducting […]

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SD.20.002 – Indigenous women and transnational environmental projects: an intersectional approach

Route: Sustainable development goals for inclusive global development

cluster question: 040 How can we improve the effectiveness and legitimacy of legislation, given the global challenges we face with respect to the environment, security, innovation, energy, and climate change?

The envisaged project aims at improving the effectiveness of gender safeguards for indigenous women in transnational environmental projects. It does […]

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ET.20.004 – Fossil fuel phase-down

Route: Energy transition

cluster question: 019 How should we undertake the transition to an entirely sustainable energy supply?

Meeting the objectives of the Paris Agreement means leaving most fossil fuel reserves unexploited. How can we design a global, […]

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