TRS.20.046 – AltVillage: Building resilient societies from the ground up

Route: Towards resilient societies

Cluster question: 050 What is the secret of a resilient society?

AltVisions is a collective of academics, artists and practitioners. Together we aim to develop, highlight and realise alternative visions for how to live in solidarity with human and nonhuman beings in an increasingly diverse and chaotic world. Solidarity is fundamental to the resilience required to stand up to the great challenges of our age without succumbing to new divisions.

AltVillage is our experiment in bringing many theoretical and practice-based starting points together under a single vision of what makes societies resilient in a single urban ‘village’. That vision is ‘down to earth and face-to-face’. People are experiencing manifold forms of alienation at present which are contributing to the great challenges of our age: they are alienated from one another, which contributes to the acceptance of inequality, nativism and political polarisation; they are alienated from the land and the sources of their sustenance, which contributes to the acceptance of resource extraction, conventional agriculture and unfair trade; and they are alienated from their own labour, which contributes to a sense of meaninglessness.

Recognising that these manifold sources of alienation are interconnected, AltVillage will act as a hotbed for multiple experiments in bringing citizens down to earth and face-to-face. This might include: alternative democratic assemblies (reconnecting people to each other by collectively deciding on how their food, energy and entertainment should be sourced, who should have access to it and under what, if any, conditions); alternative food and energy networks (reconnecting people to the human and nonhuman sources of their sustenance by producing food and energy locally); and alternative approaches to work (reconnecting people to the meaningfulness of their labour through direct contact with the people and things it impacts in the community).

Alternative visions require alternative understandings of truth. We will encourage collaborations between academics, artists and practitioners.


collectivism, democracy, resilience, solidarity


Organisation Leiden University (LEI)
Name Dr. T.J. (Timothy) Stacey