TRS.20.040 – Predicting of contact networks response to containment measures

Route: Towards resilient societies

Cluster question: 050 What is the secret of a resilient society?

We intended to study social contact networks and the way their structure and functioning responds to various types of containment measures intended to mitigate effects of contact processes, such as spreading of infectious diseases. Of particular interest are such measures as active contact tracing, tracing apps, partial lockdown, and vaccination. To this end we will develop novel mathematical tools that accurately account for the network effects in infectious spreading modelling and predict network adaptation to external measures. The consortium currently consist of I.Kryven (Utrecht University) and Clara Stegenhuis (University Tweente), both mathematicians, and is sought to attract epidemiologists and complex systems scientists.


complex systems, epidemiology, networks

Other organisations

Universiteit Twente (UT)


Organisation Utrecht University (UU)
Name Dr. I. (Ivan) Kryven