TRS.20.031 – Building a national cyber range for education, simulation, and mitigation of cyber threats

Route: Towards resilient societies

Cluster question: 060 How do we guarantee our digital freedom?

Our digital society is nowadays constantly threatened by cyberattacks, which may, for instance, lead to sensitive data exposure or to service disruption. This is particularly dangerous now that more and more devices are increasingly connected to the Internet and could potentially be compromised by cybercriminals. To counteract cyberattacks, this project aims to design and build a fully automated cyber range, a ‘testbed’ that provides a realistic digital environment suitable for simulating and studying cyber threats. By building such a cyber range, we aim to achieve a significant societal impact in two ways, with the ultimate goal of making our digital society more resilient and able to quickly and effectively respond to cyberattacks. First, this project will allow both highly specialized and non-technical training, enabling us to train our society at large. Second, by creating a realistic environment to simulate cyberattacks, this project will enable large-scale data collection and, as a consequence, foster research and development on how to model attack strategies and automate responses. In summary, we aim to answer research questions like: How can both students, amateur and experienced cybersecurity specialists effectively train and practice defending digital services from emerging threats? How can we increase the security awareness of the average user? How can we define effective metrics to model and characterize attack strategies and enhance threat response? Given the multiple entities involved in the cybersecurity chain (e.g., users, technology, regulations), this project is highly multidisciplinary and requires expertise in the domains of computer science, economics, and social sciences.


cyber range, cybersecurity training, threat analysis

Other organisations

Hogeschool Utrecht, The Hague University


Organisation University of Twente (UT)
Name Dr. Ir. A. (Andrea) Continella