TRS.20.014 – De Transitie Motor: Bereiken brede midden

Route: Towards resilient societies

Cluster question: 048 How can we encourage self-reliance and social participation?

How can we properly address multiple groups (‘ordinary people’) to make society aware of the urgency of climate change and related problems?
Start with good market research. Really know what is going on. Which values are guiding? Also explore which polarising forces are trying to gain influence.
Make contact via the organisations that already have contact with broad groups of the population, such as cooperation, self-organisations; networks of residents; the district councils and neighbourhood councils from the (middle) big cities, etc.
Of course, in many places people are already talking to and by people and we cannot organise all of this ourselves (it starts with building a bond of trust, etc.). So iwe will first make an overview of networks that are working on this themselves / have contact with residents.
And then consult with them: what do they think of the 10-point plan of ‘De TransitieMotor’ and above all: are there additions from residents/other groups in society? And: what initiatives are there already (such as care, energy and housing co-operations zoals NL zorgt voor elkaar).
Approach people with as much direct human contact as possible; this can be done in streets/neighbourhoods, e.g. for street/neighbourhood-related matters; then starting the conversation, best done by people from that neighbourhood. Speak the language of the street, personally and with a low threshold, be easily approachable and start listening.
How do you reach other, larger, more diffuse groups in a proper way?

Get as close as possible to human contact: by using videos, in which you briefly put something down in a personal, appealing way and then ask people to respond via a certain link or personal quote; ‘If you listen to this, what do you want to do? – Contribute to the improvement of your environment? If possible, stay away from text.


bereiken brede midden, community service, transitie, versnelling

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Organisation Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (VU)
Name Dr. S.J. (Sjoerd) Kluiving