TRS.20.007 – POLDER

Route: Towards resilient societies

Cluster question: 050 What is the secret of a resilient society?

The Dutch are known for their ‘polder model of decision-making’ in which mutual interests are negotiated until involved parties reach consensus. This requires accommodating differences through an open but lengthy negotiation process including policy makers, market parties, and civil society. The new Dutch Environment and Planning Act (Omgevingswet) generates entrepreneurial forms of governance, which are based on a pro-growth development model, where concerted public-private actions are restructured to boost the local economy. In this proposal we argue that the new Act will not only influence the culture of decision-making, but also require new forms of participation, negotiation, and consensus building processes where each actor has to actively promote demands and desires in an increasingly entrepreneurial and digital setting. We aim to investigate the power dynamics and relationships generated by the new politics of planning through this less static legal framework, and the influence of these dynamics in building resilient cities, regions, and societies in the Netherlands. This consortium brings together academic experts and practitioners from governments, market parties, and civic organizations. From an interdisciplinary perspective that includes approaches from urban planning, political science, sociology and law, we will use research methods such as legal analysis, critical discourse analysis to understand the changing narratives of the Act; ethnographic methods to understand the behavioural aspects of negotiation and consensus building; and urban living labs to make participant observations on the new politics of planning. We will not only examine the consequences of the Act but also interactively work with our partners on changes in actor relationships, negotiations, consensus building, and planning processes to create policy toolkits that resolve the problems observed. Furthermore, we will compare international cases of shifts in law and governance in the area of the built environment to demonstrate innova


Culture, law, Planning, society


Organisation University of Amsterdam (UvA)
Name Prof. dr. M.T. (Tuna) Tasan-Kok