SLC.20.013 – Smart hubs enabling integrated mobility (MaaS+ FaaS) in the Brainport region

Route: Smart, liveable cities

Cluster question: 027 What are smarter and greener ways of transporting passengers and goods that make optimal use of all forms of transport?

We propose to design a smart hub for passenger and freight multimodal mobility to serve for the inclusive accessibility on the regional and urban level, and improve livability on various aspects, such as noise, pollutant emissions and safety, taking Eindhoven Brainport region as suitable study area. While improving accessibility has been proven to contribute in elevating economic and social well-being of citizens, if achieved via intensifying the use of fossil fuel based privately used vehicles, it will intrigue negative externalities. To cope with these challenges, a fundamental change in the current mobility system is needed. This includes a shift to MaaS (Mobility as a Service) and FaaS (Freight as a Service), new multi-stakeholder business models for their sustainable operation, deployment of mobility technology (e.g., automation, electrification) and related infrastructure (e.g., charging points), as well as approaches to nudge change in user behavior. Moreover, a new system should integrate all abovementioned innovations in a holistic framework within which the direct and indirect relations among components can be evaluated at various stages of change in service, business, technology, infrastructure and citizen behavior on accessibility, connectivity, and satisfaction. The proposed multi-dimensional system has a smart hub (and sub-hubs) as a core component around which MaaS+FaaS will be organized. Seamless connections between micro mobility (e-bike, walk), short distance trips and demand-responsive transport (e-bus, e-car/ride/freight sharing) will receive special attention. Citizens’ acceptance of MaaS+FaaS and therefore demand for hubs will be evaluated given particular service design and business models. The role of various regulatory policies in facilitating the realization of this system will be thoroughly examined. Due to the added economic value for the Netherlands, the Eindhoven Brainport region poses a high demand for a future-proof, well-designed, smart, and sustainable mobility.


Brainport, FaaS, Freight as a Service, MaaS, mobility-as-a-service, multimodal, Smart hub


Organisation Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e)
Name Dr. O (Oktay) Turetken