SLC.20.003 – Creating homes with value for society

Route: Smart, liveable cities

Cluster question: 045 What are the implications and challenges associated with worldwide urbanisation?

Despite great prosperity, a rich housing tradition and many technical innovations, the Netherlands suffers from a huge shortage of housing: in particular affordable housing is in short supply. The housing demand does not only require a technical solution – smart and low-tech innovations need to be embedded in regulation, financing and governance. It also requires support among residents and decisiveness among actors. This is a major challenge, because different domains speak their own language and interests vary widely.
The main goal is to generate concrete solutions for today’s urgent housing challenge, while very clearly focusing on the value(s) for future society. In order to achieve our goal, we are putting together a trans-disciplinary consortium in which the entire knowledge chain is represented and in which we will work together with public institutions and partners from the field.
The project wants to make use of pilots, in which solutions in all their complexity are tested and evaluated for added value. Smart applications, design, planning, regulations, participation, funding, forms of (co-)housing and governance models need to be geared to each other in order to make an optimal contribution to creating new dwellings with value for society. In order to achieve sustainable change, we want to involve both innovators (niche) and established actors (regime) from the entire chain. For a good understanding of social, economic and technical needs, citizen involvement, partly through citizen-science, is crucial. Residents, innovators and established actors are all needed to understand which innovations are necessary and possible, so that pilots can lead to a lasting impact.
This project sees affordable, adequate housing as a necessary condition for a society that values all their citizens. The current housing crisis is being seized as an opportunity to develop integrated solutions in which long-term values serve as a starting point.


affordable housing, Housing crisis, inclusive communities, mass-customization, sustainable future

Other organisations

city government of Delft, Platform 31, Province of Zuid-Holland


Organisation Delft University of Technology (TUD), Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment
Name M.G. (Marja) Elsinga