SLC.20.002 – Fundaments fOR climatE-robust Cities And Societal implemenTation (FORECAST)

Route: Smart, liveable cities

Cluster question: 030 How can we keep our densely populated country liveable?

This initiativeā€™s overall objective is to provide urban stakeholders in the Netherlands with an integral approach for creating climate-resilient cities. This is necessary, because climate change is presenting urban areas with ever more pressing challenges, threatening human health and well-being, urban infrastructures and economic development. These challenges are caused by an increased frequency of periods of drought, intense rainfall and heatwaves; climate phenomena that are strongly interlinked, as are their effects on society and the environment. Combating these challenges requires a far more integrated and multidimensional approach than present right now.
In order to develop such an integral approach, we will pursue three main objectives:
1. Understanding of urban climate phenomena and their interrelations at the human scale through precise measuring and modeling.
2. Translating and integrating knowledge into information and tools for and with multiple urban stakeholders.
3. Creating continuous involvement ā€“ within a chain approach ā€“ from all urban stakeholders.
We will develop a unique combined modelling, observation and feedback system, building upon existing urban scientific and citizen science-based networks in The Netherlands operated by the consortium. This will enable a simultaneous forecasting and monitoring of the urban heat, drought and precipitation as well as health aspects. Thereto, established and newly developed measurement principles will be integrated with remote sensing data and numerical simulations at unprecedented detail, but also with crowdsourced observations obtained from Living Labs in selected Dutch cities, to understand the underlying physical mechanisms as well as the societal impact and relevance.
This understanding combined with the continuous feedback through the living labs will be translated into intelligent design criteria for climate-robust, healthy, flexible and resilient cities. Indeed; smart, liveable cities.


(remote) sensing & modelling, citizen science, design and planning, evapotranspiration, health, heat, precipitation, urban climate

Other organisations

AMMON Innovation, Amsterdam Institute for Advanced Metropolitan Solutions, Buro BOOT, Deltares, Haagse Hogeschool, Hanze Hogeschool Groningen, Hogeschool Saxion Enschede, KNMI, Nelen & Schuurmans, Radboud Universiteit Nijmegen (RU), Rijksinstituut voor Volksgezondheid en Milieu (RIVM), Technische Universiteit Delft (TUD), TNO, Universiteit Twente (UT), Utrecht University (UU), Wageningen Universities and Research (WUR)


Organisation Dept. WRS, Fac. ITC, University of Twente (UT)
Name Dr. ir. W.J. (Wim) Timmermans