SE.20.003 – NutriProfiel Sport

Route: Sport and exercise

Cluster question: 075 How can we use sport, exercise, and nutrition to promote good health and what effects will this have?

NutriProfiel Sport combines a short food questionnaire with results from a blood withdrawal to come up with a personalized advice regarding nutrition. When the blood status of a certain vitamin is poor, the tool finds out whether this is caused by poor nutrition, or that another underlying cause results in the poor vitamin status. When nutrition was the cause, a personalized dietary advice is given, when it is a result of an underlying cause, the person is advised to see a doctor.
In this research, we want to validate the tool ‘NutriProfiel’ to see if it works properly and satisfies the needs of an athlete and health professionals.


bloedwaarden, gezondheid, sport, vitaminen, voeding

Other organisations

Wageningen Universities and Research (WUR)


Organisation Ziekenhuis Gelderse Vallei
Name R. (Rieneke) Terink