SE.20.002 – Developing and testing a method for objectively quantifying all-encompassing training load in sports – lessons from top sports to be applied in recreational sports.

Route: Sport and exercise

Cluster question: 075 How can we use sport, exercise, and nutrition to promote good health and what effects will this have?

In many sports, exercise intensity is determined by experience and estimates. Little is known about the exact objective training load of different types of training and how they relate to each other. In this research a method will be developed to objectively determine the training load of different types of training. New techniques are used to objectively determine the load (mental, physical (internal and external), emotional and social) and to combine them in order to get a clear picture of the content of a training or match that goes beyond just a descriptive way. After developing this method, training and actions are mapped in different disciplines and levels to generate a database of actions and their corresponding training load. By collecting large amounts of data, a distinction can be made between different aspects of training.
This project will be divided in several sub-projects with the following research aims:
1. Exploring possibilities to objectively quantify the training load in (top)sports
2. Developing a method for objective quantification of training load
3. Objectively determining training load in top sport in comparison with subjective assessment
4. Mapping the training load in different settings (different sports or types of training) by objective assessment
5. Improving the efficiency of the training and improving the performance (implementation study)
6. Applying this knowledge in recreational sports / concept training protocols

The ultimate goal is to use the knowledge gained in (top) sports practice to develop a method that enables trainers and sports scientists to objectively quantify training load. The intended scientific breakthrough is that a method is created to objectively map the training (and competition) load. This helps trainers at every level to better tailor exercise sessions to the desired load.


Objective quantification, Performance analysis, Physical activity, Sports science, Training load

Other organisations

Hanze Hogeschool Groningen, Maastricht University (UM)


Organisation Public and Occupational Health, Amsterdam UMC
Name Prof. dr. A.J. (Allard)van der Beek