SE.20.001 – Healthy Sports

Route: Sport and exercise

Cluster question: 072 How do a healthy lifestyle and wholesome habits promote good health and prevent illness?

Although evidence suggests that participation in sport and recreational physical activity is beneficial for health, associated injuries also have significant negative side effects on both the short and long term. Within the Netherlands it is estimated that 3,5 million injuries occur each year. With the current focus on increasing physical activity levels in The Netherlands, sport and recreational physical activity related injuries will become an increasing important contributor to the ever-rising societal health care costs.
Within the scientific literature there is a wealth of evidence on efficacious and effective preventive approaches to reduce the number as well as the direct and indirect burden associated with sport and recreational physical activity related injuries. Overall this evidence states that around 50% of all injuries can be prevented. With a goal to reduce the number of injuries in the Dutch active and sporting population, over the past decade a big push has been given towards the implementation and scale-up of available prevention evidence. One would expect consequently a reduction in the number of injuries. The opposite is true however. An increase in the annual number of injuries is seen over the last 10 years. The above is a signpost that indicates that implementation and scale-up efforts have not been successful.
The overall aim of the proposed project is to take a radical new approach to implementation and develop a Dutch national sports and recreational injury prevention platform. In this approach we will identify the scope of opportunities and challenges early, find ways to connect and motivate end-users to a shared goal, create tools to assist, support change management and promote ownership of change in a more autonomous way. We will evaluate the effect of this platform to reduce the individual and societal burden of sports and recreational injuries.


health, implementation, injury prevention


Organisation Amsterdam UMC (VUMC)
Name Prof.dr. E. (Evert) Verhagen