SD.20.014 – Africa-wide investigation of Sustainable Development Goals

Route: Sustainable development goals for inclusive global development

Cluster question: 042 How can we limit poverty and increase wellbeing worldwide?

Recent findings have shown that interactions between sustainable development goals are common, so that investments in developments to meet one goal affects developmental of other goals. Understanding possible trade-offs and synergies is critical to effectively develop evidence-based SDG policies in the Netherlands and around the world.
This project aims to investigate interactions between sustainable development goals across Africa to identify possible trade-offs and synergies. The project will focus on the continental scale, using individual countries as ‘case studies’. The project will to quantify the performance of each country in relation to each of the 17 goals and compare interactions within and between countries in order to find generalities and possible black swans.
The consortium aims to bring together scientists and societal partners from a broad range of disciplines, including environment, health, economy, humanities and governance. The interdisciplinary approach is critical to address these wicked problems and aims to provide a holistic understanding of sustainable development on the least developed continent.


Africa, economy, enivironment, Governance, health, SDG, synergy, trade-off


Organisation Leiden University (LEI)
Name Dr. M.P. (Michiel) Veldhuis