QNR.20.004 – High-temperature quantum processors

Route: The quantum / nano-revolution

Cluster question: 117 What will quantum computing and the quantum internet mean for our future?

Large-scale quantum computers have the potential to revolutionise various aspects of science, technology and society. Solid-state qubit architectures that are compatible with established manufacturing technology provide a compelling path forward. Various platforms are now being pursued world-wide in industry. However, all these technologies operate at cryogenic temperatures below 4 Kelvin and, in most cases, in the milliKelvin regime, and the associated complexity and cost present a difficult challenge for practical quantum computation. In this project we aim to demonstrate, and make available, solid-state quantum processors based on spins in diamond that operate at high temperatures all the way up to room temperature. Such high operating temperatures might proof to be a decisive advantage for ultimately making available the power of quantum computation for society.


Quantum computing, quantum simulations, qubits, room temperature, spins in diamond


Organisation QuTech, Delft University of Technology (TUD)
Name Dr. T.H. (Tim Hugo) Taminiau
E-mail T.H.Taminiau@TUDelft.nl