QNR.20.003 – NL Neuromorphic: Neuromorphic based computing engines for IoT devices

Route: The quantum / nano-revolution

Cluster question: 114 How can we connect 'things' (hardware) all the time and everywhere and boost processing speed while using less energy?

The NL neuromorphic project will develop, design and demonstrate smart ultra-low energy neuromorphic computing engines enabling the deployment of AI for different IoT/edge applications. This will be based on new, real-time operating SNNs, and realized with extremely efficient algorithms, computing hardware and new device technology.


computer architecture, device technology, local learning, memristor, neuromorphic, SNN

Other organisations

CWI, Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e)


Organisation TU Delft (TUD)
Name Prof. dr. S. (Said) Hamdioui
E-mail S.Hamdioui@tudelft.nl
Website https://www.tudelft.nl/eemcs/the-faculty/departments/quantum-computer-engineering/computer-engineering/staff/said-hamdioui/