QNR.20.001 – Divide & Quantum

Route: The quantum / nano-revolution

Cluster question: 117 What will quantum computing and the quantum internet mean for our future?

The recent leaps in quantum experiments provide a glimpse of the unparalleled computational power full-blown universal quantum computers of tomorrow will bring. However, in order to exploit these technologies in the near term, we need to find ways to use todays smaller quantum machines for solving problems important to industry. This is a timely task: companies like Google and IBM already developed the first devices with 53 quantum bits, and expect true intermediate-scale quantum computers in the near future.
In this project, researchers of CWI, LU, TUD and VUA from the fields of computer science, physics, chemistry, communication and education join forces to accelerate society’s benefit from quantum computing. We will adopt a novel quantum approach called ”Divide & Quantum”, which carefully splits computations into smaller chunks to exploit quantum devices of limited size, and provides a hybrid classical/quantum solution optimized for powerful classical parallel architectures. In a transdisciplinary research program, we will develop this approach to tackle real-world challenges in planning, chemistry, networking and machine learning.
Together with Dutch and international industry partners, SURFsara, Atos, Volkswagen, and Google, and the applied research organization TNO, we will craft quantum computing solutions viable for industrial applications. The entrepreneurship in partner Dutch startup Qu&Co ensures valorization of quantum-enhanced simulation of bonds and reactions for solving chemistry problems at the crux of drug development and material science. Finally, with our academic partners in the social sciences (science communication and programming education) and several universities of applied sciences, we will initiate the dialog with larger society, reaching out to high schools, vocational colleges and the general public, in order to strengthen the Netherlands’ position as one of the main driving forces of the worldwide quantum momentum.


CS Education, Physics Education, Quantum Chemistry, Qunatum Computing, Theoretical CS

Other organisations

CWI, Google, Haagse Hogeschool, HAN, HVA, ING, Qu&Co, QuTech, SURF, TNO, UvA, Volkswagen


Organisation Leiden University (LEI)
Name Dr. Alfons Laarman
E-mail a.w.laarman@liacs.leidenuniv.nl
Website http://alfons.laarman.com/