QLE.20.015 – CASTOR (CAtchment Strategies TOwards Resilience): Dutch Pleistocene Landscapes in the Anthropocene

Route: Quality of the living environment

Cluster question: 006 How can we protect and preserve the quality of the substrate for humans and the environment while leaving room for social and economic development?

Sandy-soil landscapes of the east and south Netherlands have a wide range of agricultural, recreational and natural functions, which are at risk with climate change. Using a living lab approach, we identify climate-robust landscapes for the future, and together with government and societal partners we design pathways towards these.


climate-resilience, landscape services, learning innovation, living labs, sustainability

Other organisations

Deltares, KWR, Ministry I&W, Technische Universiteit Delft (TUD), United Nations University, Universiteit Twente (UT), Vitens, Waterschap Aa en Maas, Waterschap Limburg, Waterschap Vechtstromen, WENR, Windesheim


Organisation Wageningen University (WUR)
Name Prof. dr. J. (Jakob) Wallinga
E-mail jakob.wallinga@wur.nl
Website https://www.wur.nl/en/Research-Results/Chair-groups/Environmental-Sciences/Soil-Geography-and-Landscape-Group.htm