PM.20.053 – Evidence-based personalised health decision making: advancing the transition from population-based medicine to personalised medicine

Route: Personalised medicine: the individual at the centre

Cluster question: 095 How can we personalise health care, for example by using biomarkers?

The aim of personalised medicine is to give every patient the right care in the right amount to achieve maximum effectiveness while minimizing side effects, doing this at a minimum of costs and as close to home as possible. The current evidence base for health decisions, however, is mostly coming from patient groups as covered in clinical practice guidelines. The aim of the proposed project is to advance the transition from population-based medicine to personalised medicine. We will create a knowledge base for how to move from one-size-fits-all evidence to evidence for personalised health decision making, taking into account context and perspective. Central in the project is development and implementation of a methodological framework on how to make evidence-based decisions in the personalised care model. The Grading Recommendations, Development and Evaluation (GRADE) approach for developing clinical practice guidelines is considered the gold standard in guideline development and will serve as a conceptual model. We will address and integrate several themes. (1) Creating the appropriate and fit-for-purpose evidence-base: the use of guidelines to facilitate health care decisions may seem to contradict with personalised medicine. How can we adapt or develop guidelines to meet the needs of personalised medicine? (2) Personalised evidence: what level of personalisation is needed to make a well-informed health decision? Is the same level needed for the total care pathway (prevention, diagnosis, treatment, prognosis)? (3) Contextual factors in evidence-based personalised health decision making, for example ethical and philosophical considerations. How unique are we, how does diversity impact on society and how should this be incorporated in the personalised care model? (4) Societal perspective: what are the consequences of the personalised medicine care model on making reimbursement decisions, as the current reimbursement system is based on solidarity, and the personalised care model on individual needs and preferences.


Clinical Practice Guidelines, Evidence-Based Medicine, health systems, Personalised Medicine


Organisation Amsterdam University Medical Centers - University of Amsterdam (Amsterdam UMC, AMC)
Name Dr. M.W. (Miranda) Langendam