PM.20.040 – Personalised medicine for age-related macular degeneration

Route: Personalised medicine: the individual at the centre

Cluster question: 081 How will our knowledge of genetics play a role in analysing, screening for, and treating diseases?

Age-related macular degeneration (AMD) is the most common cause of vision loss in the elderly. AMD has a huge psychological and social impact on quality of life and leads to a high burden on healthcare costs. No curative treatment has yet been approved that prevents the degenerative process in AMD.
Research question: Can we use genetics to analyse, screen for and design treatments for AMD?
This initiative will pave the way for the development of personalised medicine for individual patients, which on the long-term will improve quality of life and reduce healthcare costs by giving the right treatment to the right patient.


age-related macular degeneration, AMD, complement system, eye-on-a-chip


Organisation Radboudumc (RUMC)
Name Prof. dr. A.I. (Anneke) den Hollander