PM.20.028 – Finding novel ways to treat brain cancer through elucidation of the parallels with embryonic central neurvous development

Route: Personalised medicine: the individual at the centre

Cluster question: 085 Every tumour is different, so how can we come to understand cancer well enough to develop a treatment for each and every type?

In this project, we hypothesise that the occurrence of brain tumours finds its parallels in central neurvous development. So hence, by investigating both in concert, we expect to realise novel understanding on the onset and progression of brain tumors. In this project, for the first time, we will bridge fundamental embryonic brain development and gliomagenesis by investigating parallel processes in embryonic models, brain (tumour) organoids and advanced (molecular) imaging. We expect that these insights will help us in designing better, more timely and more targeted treatments for the currently heavily underserved population of brain tumour patients. Specifically, we are fond of the foresight of how theranostic approaches using novel molecular imaging radiotracers provide a novel approach to brain cancer treatment. Such approach is particularly attractive given its relatively easy entry to the brain and the potential of very precise nuclear targeting. Such approach, however, requires much deeper understanding on the distinctions between normal and cancerous tissue. Which will be provided as a result of the above-described process.


Brain cancer, diffuse glioma, embryonic central nervous development, nuclear imaging


Organisation Amsterdam UMC
Name Prof. dr. P.C. (Philip) de Witt Hamer