PM.20.012 – DuSRA, ageing in good immune and metabolic health

Route: Personalised medicine: the individual at the centre

Cluster question: 077 What do non-genetic factors contribute to personal traits and disease processes?

Age is a primary risk factor for all major common diseases. The ageing process, defined as the decline of biological functions from the moment capacity building during development is completed, has a universal cross species component, but at the same time has a highly individual trajectory that is driven by early environment, life events and lifestyle. The Dutch Society for Research on Ageing (DuSRA) and its VOILA consortium (PPI) unites multidisciplinary investigators into a knowledge chain for research into (a) the personal processes that drive ageing and the risk of (co)morbidity and b) prevention and treatment of functional decline with age driven by factors common to different age-related diseases. Whereas the role of genetic factors for specific diseases is high, the genetic component to predict (healthy) human life expectancy in the population at large is very low. Studies of short and long lived humans and animals by members of the DuSRA consortium have indicated that immune and metabolic health form hallmarks for the (un)healthy ageing trajectory of individuals on the one hand and that modifications of these hallmarks stimulate healthy life expectancy on the other hand. The consortium therefore focuses on personal trajectories of ageing, understanding the heterogeneity between older subjects and mechanisms that have an early impact on this trajectory. We propose pipelines of research into immune and metabolic health from animal and cellular models to cohort studies and via biomarker research to clinical and lifestyle studies in at risk persons. The ultimate goal would be to develop strategies to improve immune and metabolic health to increase survival, resilience and resistance to infections of elderly individuals.


ageing, energy metabolism, immunosenescence, metabolic health, vitality

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Dutch Society for Research on Ageing


Organisation Leiden University Medical Center (LUMC)
Name Prof.dr. P.E. (Eline) Slagboom