NNL.20.006 – The Physiology of Team Flow

Route: NeuroLabNL: the ultimate living lab for brain, cognition and behavioural research

Cluster question: 064 How can we develop new testing methods in the social sciences?

Flow is a holistic sensation that people feel when they act with total involvement. Flow experiences are considered by individuals to be some of the most enjoyable, rewarding, meaningful and engaging they have experienced, and typically involve automatic and effortless action coupled with intense focus. Social flow is the shared experience in which all members of a team are completely involved in their collaboration towards a gratifying challenging common purpose. During this moment of optimal collaboration they perceive adequate abilities to cope with the challenging situation and they have the feeling that their collaboration runs smoothly, effortlessly and forward. Works produced during (team) flow experiences tend to be more creative and of higher quality, and there is more satisfaction and positive emotion from the accomplishment. However, Team flow has rarely been investigated from a physiological perspective while interest in such studies is growing fast in social behavioral sciences. This proposal aims to integrate existing theories and findings concerning the physiology of team flow experiences and consequently test hypotheses to investigate the correlates of team flow experiences. This would help to fully understand the functions and consequences of team flow and to conclude practical implications, e.g., how to apply team flow in organizations, education, how to switch from stresss or boredom to team flow, and how to prevent potential negative consequences.



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Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e), Fontys Hogescholen


Organisation The Hague University of Applied Sciences
Name Dr. J.J.J. (Jef) van den Hout
E-mail jjj.vandenhout@hhs.nl
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