MD.20.001 – Unconventional protection for the future

Route: Measuring and detecting: anything, anytime, anywhere

Cluster question: 051 Smart industry? How do we make our factories smarter?

Smart cable guard is a new concept that can be applied to overcome many of the shortcomings of classical protection. Today, protection schemes are organized by well known different protection relays that make use of a current, voltage and impedance to detect, locate and eliminate the fault. These methodologies are well developed and protective relaying operates successfully. Depending on the complexity of the power systems, protection scheme may also comprise different protections operating as a primary and a backup. With the commissioning of large scale of distributed generation (resulting from solar and wind energy), fault detection difficulties may occur. Besides, realization of reliable protection scheme is not only a matter of utilization of more relays, but also more circuit breakers, which finally need to eliminate the fault.
Smart cable guard is a new concept that will be able to overcome forthcoming difficulties of existing protection. This concept will make use of fewer circuit breakers to provide selective protection over large area. Finally it will be cost effective and fully digital, one of a kind solution in the world. Traveling wave fault detection will be utilize which provides fast and reliable fault detection. The communication will be realized by utilizing well developed communication technologies of Locamation, which are proven through the application of the currently available SAS sensor. In this concept, a new protection scheme will be developed to detect and locate the fault as well as providing prompt command to disconnect remote circuit breakers. The solution can be applied for every distribution and transmission voltage level.


circuit breakers, communication, digitization, smart cable guard

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Alliander, Locamation, Stedin, Technolution, TenneT


Organisation Delft University of Technology (TUD)
Name M. (Marjan) Popov