HCR.20.083 – Towards personalized next-generation vaccines for high-impact and emerging infectious diseases

Route: Health care research, sickness prevention and treatment

Cluster question: 096 How can we improve diagnostics, treatment, and vaccines for immunodeficiencies and infectious diseases?

Infectious diseases pose major health as well as broad societal challenges as exemplified by the current COVID-19 pandemic. Vaccination with safe and effective vaccines is one of the cornerstones in infectious disease prevention and control. However, knowledge on the molecular and cellular processes and mechanisms induced by vaccination is still limited. Also, different individuals may have specific needs and react to vaccines in different ways, yet an understanding of these inter-individual variations is largely lacking. With this project, we aim at addressing these limitations by bringing together various stakeholders including patients, clinicians, vaccine developers, and basic scientists from various disciplines. We plan to study immunological responses to infection and vaccination at a molecular and cellular level, including aspects such as antigen uptake, processing and presentation by immune cells, and the induction and maintenance of cellular and humoral immune responses. Vaccine-induced antibodies will be characterized in-depth regarding their structure and associated effector functions. Using in vitro and in vivo model systems we will link the molecular and cellular vaccine-induced immune response to safety and efficacy. We will map inter-individual variation in anti-vaccine immune responses to support the development of personalized vaccination strategies. This project will provide a knowledge base for safe and effective vaccination responses to current and emerging infectious disease challenges.
Persons involved: Artemis One Health Research Foundation, Delft (contact Dr. Byron Martina); Sanquin Research, Amsterdam (contact Dr. Gestur Vidarsson); National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM; contact Dr. Puck van Kasteren); ErasmusMC Rotterdam (contact Dr. Bart Haagmans); UMC Utrecht (contact Dr. Louis Bont); Human Immunomics Initiative (contact Jaap Goudsmit, MD, PhD, Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health & Human Vaccines Project)


adjuvant, antibody-dependent enhancement, antigen presentation, antigen processing, glycosylation, humoral immune response, Personalized medicine, RSV, SARS-CoV-2

Other organisations

Amsterdam, Artemis One Health Research Foundation, Delft, Erasmus Medical Center (EMC), Human Immunomics Initiative, Rijksinstituut voor Volksgezondheid en Milieu (RIVM), Sanquin Research, UMC Utrecht (UMCU)


Organisation Leiden University Medical Center (LUMC)
Name Prof. Dr. M. (Manfred) Wuhrer
E-mail m.wuhrer@lumc.nl
Website https://www.lumc.nl/org/proteomics-metabolomics/