HCR.20.067 – De Amsterdamse Integrale Slaap Aanpak

Route: Health care research, sickness prevention and treatment

Cluster question: 072 How do a healthy lifestyle and wholesome habits promote good health and prevent illness?

When children sleep insufficiently or poorly, this has serious consequences for their physical, mental and social development [1-4]. Short-term consequences are a reduced ability to concentrate and learn, fatigue, reduced emotion regulation and a reduction in the immune system [5]. In the long term, unhealthy sleep increases the risk of developing obesity, diabetes, depression and Alzheimer’s. Many lifestyle habits – including healthy sleeping – are formed in childhood (4-12 years). In addition, unhealthy sleeping habits are common among children (on average 13% of 6-13 year olds have difficulty falling asleep and 7% have difficulty staying asleep [6]) and are disproportionately common among children from low socioeconomic households [ 7-9]. As a result, this problem makes a structural contribution to inequality in opportunities in our society in many aspects. Because many of the determinants of unhealthy sleep – and therefore the solutions – fall outside the health domain, an integrated policy on this subject is necessary.

Amsterdam has recently invested heavily in developing ‘The Amsterdam Integral Sleep Approach’. This project has mapped the complexity of unhealthy sleep – and the factors associated with it. This means that the most important determinants, actors and interrelations have been made transparent. This includes the relevant policy areas, including those not directly linked to health (i.e. Health in all Policies) [10]. This Amsterdam Integral Sleep Approach is ready to be implemented, but requires structured coordination in which a combination of substantive expertise with insight into change management and the development of municipal policy and practice is necessary.

The purpose of our application is to implement and evaluate the Amsterdam Integrated Sleep Approach to promote healthy sleep in 4-12 year old Amsterdam children.


gezond slapen, integraal beleid, kinderen

Other organisations

Amsterdam UMC, Amsterdamse Aanpak Gezond Gewicht, GGD Amsterdam, Sarphati Amsterdam


Organisation Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (VU)
Name Dr. M.M. (Maartje) van Stralen
E-mail maartje.van.stralen@vu.nl