HCR.20.062 – Light & lifestyle: moving sleep, mental health and wellbeing strategies from clinic to society

Route: Health care research, sickness prevention and treatment

Cluster question: 073 What effect is the rising 24-hour economy having on human health and performance and how can our knowledge of biorhythms enhance the relationship between the individual and society?

Can we improve sleep, mental health, and wellbeing in psychiatric patients and the general population and realize preventative public environments based on clinical experience? This project aims to develop evidence-based effective and attractive light and lifestyle approaches for the diagnosis, mitigation and prevention of disturbances in sleep and mental health in the society. It will advance the current knowledge regarding the impact – and requirements for a large-scale integration of (outdoor-like) light therapy settings within everyday life at both scientific and societal level. To this end, we plan to 1) establish assessment tools and technology to unobtrusively quantify disturbances and intra- and inter-day variations in sleep and mental health and their impact on individual wellbeing and performance (with focus on level of vitality, fatigue, vigilance and mood), 2) specify, design and implement effective and attractive light (therapy) and lifestyle strategies that enhance quality of life, improve functioning and strengthen resilience to (mental) health issues in the general population, and 3) develop effective transdiagnostic light therapy and lifestyle strategies to support sleep, mental health, wellbeing and performance among individuals with subclinical and clinical levels of non-seasonal affective dysregulation. Fundamental insights in human circadian physiology and behavior, artificial intelligence and context classification, experience from health care practice, applied research strategies and attention to the end-user perspective are recruited to establish effective, unobtrusive and scalable light and lifestyle solutions that diagnose, mitigate and reduce vulnerability to disturbances in sleep and mental health/ wellbeing across society.


and mental health, and the care practice, Circadian clock, engineering, light, medical science, scientific rigor and ecological validity, sleep, social science, vigilance

Other organisations

GGzE, Hogeschool Utrecht, Kempenhaeghe


Organisation Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e)
Name Prof. dr. Y.A.W. (Yvonne) de Kort
E-mail y.a.w.d.kort@tue.nl