HCR.20.050 – Population Health Management for Healthy RegionsPop

Route: Health care research, sickness prevention and treatment

Cluster question: 094 How do we improve the quality of health care as much as possible while keeping it affordable?

The Dutch health landscape is increasingly under pressure as a consequence of population ageing, increasing demand, emerging technological innovations and decrease of health workforce. Concepts of value based health care or quadruple aim are seen as the new strategies to redesign care and service delivery across the domains of prevention, medical and social care in such manner that the right care is provided at the right time using the right (public) resources. The essence of the right care at the right place is to prevent (more expensive) care, moving care closer to people’s homes, and replacing care by innovative forms of care, such as e-health. New public and private arrangements to enable health in accordance with (regional) population needs within societally acceptable norms are needed. Within this complex social transformation several components should be addressed: organizational infrastructure, role of big data and artificial intelligence, new ways of economic incentives to influence behaviour of citizens, practitioners and organisations, role of technology, citizen participation and implementation strategies. An array of various disciplines contributes to a more transdisciplinary knowledge base for understanding and practice oriented recommendations: transdisciplinary research with aspects of the Quadruple Helix. No blueprint or accepted pathway to set up these new arrangements in The Netherlands yet exists. Currently, new arrangements to enable the transformation are being constructed in several Dutch regions. All regional initiatives embrace to a certain extent the principles of PHM. It is our aim to gather knowledge from current regional initiatives, synthesize this knowledge and use it to present solutions to the current challenges. The proposed research question is: Does a regional PHM approach lead to an improvement of the Quadruple Aim? The proposed research design is a prospective cohort study in at least three regions comparing the PHM approach with a control situation with usual care


Population Health Regionalisation Prevention

Other organisations

MenZis, PGGM, Radboud Medical Center (RUMC), Stichting HealthKic (Noaber Foundation, UMCG, UMCU


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