HCR.20.025 – Reducing Inequalities in Vaccine uptake in the Netherlands – Engaging Young Underserved communities.

Route: Health care research, sickness prevention and treatment

Cluster question: 093 How can we promote innovativeness, quality, and accessibility in institutionalised and informal forms of care?

Vaccine uptake in many minority or ethnic communities is often significant and unacceptably lower compared to the general population. In the Netherlands for example, the intake of meningococcal vaccines among Turkish and Moroccan adolescents is 30% lower than among other adolescents. Research to date has focused on beliefs and attitudes towards vaccination; less is known about how the organization of care contributes to low vaccine uptake in some groups. The proposed project aims to improve access to vaccination services for Turkish and Moroccan children and adolescents so that vaccine uptake increases and the inequality between these groups and the general population decreases or disappears.
The research concerns Participatory Action Research. First, barriers in the health care system (with regard to vaccination among Turkish and Moroccan children and adolescents) are explored based on the Health Systems Framework of the World Health Organization (WHO) to improve health care systems. Subsequently, identified barriers will be tackled by adapting existing, international evidence-based interventions that are specifically tailored to the target group and/or developing new interventions. In all phases of the project, there will be close cooperation with the target group itself and with relevant healthcare professionals. By closely involving the target group, we ensure that their perspective and experiences are included in the development of interventions.


adolescents, children, Netherlands, Participatory Action Research, Vaccination uptake

Other organisations

ActizYouth, Association Moroccan Doctors the Netherlands (AMAN), Dutch Cancer Society (KWF), Dutch Paediatric Society (NVK), GGD GHOR Netherlands, Ministerie van VWS, Ministry of Health, Rijksinstituut voor Volksgezondheid en Milieu (RIVM), Rijksuniversiteit Groningen (RUG), Youth Health Care Physicians Association (AJN)


Organisation University Medical Center Groningen (UMCG)
Name Dr. D.E.M.C. (Danielle) Jansen
E-mail d.e.m.c.jansen@umcg.nl
Website https://www.rug.nl/staff/d.e.m.c.jansen/