HCR.20.017 – eHealth Junior: Accessible eHealth supporting the well-being of chronically ill children

Route: Health care research, sickness prevention and treatment

Cluster question: 072 How do a healthy lifestyle and wholesome habits promote good health and prevent illness?

In the Netherlands, approximately 1 million children (0-25 years) have a chronic disease. Besides the challenges of growing up with a long-term illness, these children have 40% chance to develop psychological problems, including depression, anxiety and loneliness. This translates into decreased well-being, reduced social participation and generates additional costs for society. Early identification and prevention of psychological problems is key to break this vicious cycle. For this purpose, eHealth applications are promising and urgently needed, as the current COVID-19 crisis has taught us. However, scientific knowledge is missing and validated tools are not yet available for this group and for the health care professionals involved. Our mission is to make scientifically-validated eHealth tools that allow personalized and trans-diagnostic prevention of psychological problems widely available for this highly vulnerable group of chronically ill children and future adults, through an accessible, user-friendly, safe, and sustainable platform. To succeed in this mission, we present an iterative learning cycle approach during which we gather the insights, and develop, evaluate, and implement the much-needed eHealth tools.
Our eHealth Junior consortium will include (applied) researchers, pediatricians, psychiatrists, psychologists, patient organizations, knowledge centers, game designers, industrial designers, insurance companies, and business professionals. We will collaborate with the end-users (children, families, caretakers and professionals) in order to achieve both international scientific breakthroughs and optimal clinical and societal impact. Knowledge utilization is a crucial part of our project.


children, eHealth, implementation, Personalized, Prevention, serious gaming, well-being

Other organisations

EUR, Fontys Hogescholen, HKU University of the Arts Utrecht, Hogeschool NHL Stenden, Technische Universiteit Delft (TUD), Tilburg University (TiU), UMC Utrecht (UMCU), UT, Utrecht University (UU)


Organisation Erasmus MC-Sophia Kinderziekenhuis
Name Prof.dr. M.H.J. (Manon) Hillegers
E-mail m.hillegers@erasmusmc.nl
Website http://ehealthjunior.nl/