HCR.20.015 – A national clinical and biological registry of melanoma patients to improve cancer treatment

Route: Health care research, sickness prevention and treatment

Cluster question: 105 How can Big Data and technological innovation (e-health) contribute to health care?

Extensive knowledge and data is generated on the treatment of melanoma patients in the Netherlands, both during standard care as in translational research projects. This patient data is mostly registered locally and part of it also nationally in the Dutch Melanoma Treatment Registry, and the pathology registry PALGA. We aim to create a secure national infrastructure to combine existing and newly generated data into one registry. This registry will enable large scale analyses based on real-life data and will provide new, in-depth insight in melanoma treatment and potential biomarkers involved. This infrastructure thereby accelerates cancer research and may also serve as an example for other cancer types.


Big Data, melanoma patients

Other organisations

DICA, Hartwig Medical Foundation, Members Dutch Melanoma Treatment Registry (DMTR)


Organisation Amsterdam UMC, AMC
Name Prof. dr. R.M. (Rosalie) Luiten
E-mail r.m.luiten@amsterdamumc.nl
Website https://www.amc.nl/web/research-75/person-1/prof.-r.m.-luiten-phd.htm