ET.20.022 – GEO-X

Route: Energy transition

Cluster question: 023 How can we optimise our use of geothermal energy?

Geothermal Energy is expected to provide a significant contribution to the future energy mix in The Netherlands, in particular for urban heating. The successful development of geothermal energy and its potential, is critically dependent on the economic prospectivity of geothermal resources, the capability to successfully integrate these resources in heat networks and to ensure safe and sustainable operations. The geothermal potential for urban areas is highly uncertain, despite a wealth of deep subsurface data and studies from hydrocarbon exploration and production, and faces major challenges in view of logistic hurdles, the variety of stakeholders involved and the importance of public engagement for successful development. Renewed explorative studies for areas with limited data coverage ( are underway, but are in need for fundamental novel approaches to derisk geothermal reservoirs and need to be accompanied with evaluation and decision frameworks, addressing both industrial, environmental and societal needs. We propose to advance our knowledge on realistic potential and to provide a reduction of risks by: a) reducing uncertainty on critical properties for geothermal reservoir technical performance prior to drilling in underexplored areas by process based approaches, which allows to predict subsurface properties in the context of genetic geological and hydrological processes. b) reducing uncertainty and extending the knowledge base on critical parameters for environmental performance, including in-situ stress conditions, relevant thermo-mechanical and chemical properties and performance indicators which are of critical importance for safe and sustainable geothermal operations c) development of optimized decision and development workflows and societal inclusive approaches, targeted towards optimal integration in heat networks


geothermal, urban heating

Other organisations

Technische Universiteit Delft (TUD), TNO


Organisation UU
Name Prof. dr. J.D. (Jan-Diederik) van Wees