ET.20.011 – High efficient hydrogen energy

Route: Energy transition

Cluster question:

Hydrogen is considered as one of the main carbon free ‘battery’ fuels for the future. It can be applied for energy storage but will also play an important role in the mobility sector (especially public transport, maritime and air transportation).
Currently fuel cell are applied with a max efficiency of ca 50%. By applying both the oxygen and hydrogen that is produced during hydrogen electrolysis from water, efficiencies of 60%-80% can be achieved.
This research will focus on these innovative high efficiency cycles but also on the infrastructural requirements to enable large scale application and the societal impact of large scale hydrogen application (e.g. risk perception).


efficiency, fuel cell, Hydrogen, oxyen, power

Other organisations

Delft University of Technology Aerospace Engineering


Organisation Delft University of Technology Mechanical Engineering (TUD)
Name Prof. Dr. Ir. Sikke A. Klein