ET.20.005 – ETS for true carbon neutral society

Route: Energy transition

Cluster question: 040 How can we improve the effectiveness and legitimacy of legislation, given the global challenges we face with respect to the environment, security, innovation, energy, and climate change?

By 2050, expectations are that global warming will pass through the 2 degrees Celsius Paris target. It will become severely warm at some days in countries as India. Countries affectes strongly by warming weather will likely start to deploy solar radiation management, sheltering earth from solar radiation through injecting the stratosphere with fine particles. As the negative side effects of these measures become clear, the call for capturing CO2 from the atmosphere and storing it safely underground, will become urgent. Climate policies will move from reducing emissions, to stimulating negative emissions. Reyer Gerlagh has studied the European Emission Allowances Trading System. He wants to investigate how this system can be prepared for the time when allowances are not handed out by the EU, but have to be produced by negative emissions, so that the ETS becomes trading platform supporting a true carbon-neutral society.


climate policies, economic model, emission trading, negative emissions


Organisation Tilburg Sustainability Center, Tilburg University (UvT)
Name Prof. dr. R. (Reyer) Gerlagh