CE.20.006 – Economic model of a circular economy (draft)

Route: Circular economy

Cluster question: 053 What are the features of a circular economy and how can we achieve it?

Prof. Reyer Gerlagh and Prof. Sjak Smulders have worked on the economic theory of a circular economy vis-a-vis an economy dependent on the inflow and outflow of resources. Our understanding is still very limited. We have no practical experience with high-quality recycling. We would want to investigate if the circular economy implies that we reduce economic growth, move to steady-state economy model? If so would that imply mass unemployment? What is the equilibrium of jobs distribution? Will the type of jobs in future fit the capacities? How does the society respond to these problems? We would like to investigate the required regulations and incentives for firms to develop and use the infrastructure and technologies.


circular economy, growth, jobs, regulations, technology


Organisation Tilburg Sustainability Center, Tilburg University (UvT)
Name Prof. dr. R. (Reyer) Gerlagh
E-mail a.a.doranova@tilburguniversity.edu
Website https://research.tilburguniversity.edu/en/persons/reyer-gerlagh