ART.20.009 – Data Privacy by Design

Route: Art: research and innovation in the 21st century

Cluster question: 112 Can we use Big Data and Big Data collection to define values, generate insights, and get answers?

Data Privacy by Design

I would like to propose embedding human values and privacy concerns in data collection, already from the start – and not as an after-thought – by designing a privacy-aware data collection process. The proposed approach will combine research through design approach from the route ‘Art: research and innovation in the 21st Century’ and the intention of responsible use of data from the route ‘Creating value through responsible access to and use of big data’. More specifically, I would like to propose to bring in designer’s creativity and care about human values into the responsible collection and use of data. More and more sensors are introduced into people’s everyday life in the homes – in the cars, on the streets, in the work place, and even on the body – to collect more data, which are then supplied to machine learning algorithms to extract patterns, to detect anomalies, and to make decisions about people. Whereas these data collection devices are typically designed by highly skilled engineers. The subjects of data collection – citizens in their everyday life – often do not understand the implications of such intimate data collection. As such, they can give their consents by simply clicking ‘agree’ to the pop-up boxes on the computer screen; even more often, they do not get to indicate their agreement, or disagreement, for example, when their data are being collected via street camera. As a discipline, Design innovates by understanding emerging technologies, such as AI and Data, and translating them into products and services, with creativity, as well as insights on cultural heritage, societal contexts, users’ needs and desires, and business viability – through a co-creation process with experts and stakeholders. In this research, I aim to develop a new design methodology on Design for Privacy, that take privacy as a driver for developing innovative design collection tools.


Design Driven Innovation, Human-Centered Design, Privacy by Design, Research through Design, Responsible Data Collection


Organisation Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e)
Name Prof. dr. L. (Lin-Lin) Chen