ART.20.001 – VOICE: Value of opera for inclusive communities in Europe

Route: Art: research and innovation in the 21st century

Cluster question: 067 What does art mean to people?

VOICE contributes to the development of cultural policies and artistic projects that effectively support social, cultural, and civic inclusion. We achieve this overall aim by providing policy makers and arts administrators with best practices of past and current inclusive cultural policies and artistic projects, and with new methods and tools for the evaluation of the effectiveness of inclusive cultural policies and artistic projects in a changing society. In order to dialogue constructively with their stakeholders, (cultural) policy makers, cultural organizations and individual artists need to VOICE all facets of the values they co-create with their communities. Based on the specific case of opera, as an art form that encapsulates multiple artistic expressions and that is considered one of the most ‘elitist’ expressions of European cultural heritage, and on the adequacy of an interdisciplinary approach to the study of (e)valuation in the arts and cultural sector, VOICE aims at an in-depth, both contextual and comparative understanding of the societal (non)value of arts, and at the development of a varied set of methods for capturing cultural values and evaluating the effectiveness of inclusive cultural policies and projects. These methods integrate qualitative, quantitative and humanistic approaches originating from the different research traditions and from the different disciplines represented by the project partners. A rich understanding of the societal (non)value of culture is a precondition for the formulation and evaluation of cultural policies aimed at creating more inclusive communities. The multiple artistic expressions encapsulated in opera as an object of scrutiny and the representative variety of cases covered by this project will provide policy makers, arts administrators and other actors of the cultural sector with a solid base for the adaptation of the individual methods and recommendations to a variety of artistic forms and cultural expressions.


benefits of arts, cultural value, European heritage, inclusive arts, inclusive policies, meaning of art, Opera


Organisation University of Amsterdam (UVA)
Name Dr. F. (Francesco) Chiaravalloti